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The Admission of Children to Holy Communion Prior to Confirmation


As a church family we regualrly look at what we do when we come to church and what Holy Communion is about - the whole church family learning together.

We use an nformal but informative course, which will last for 9 weeks,  during the 10.30am service in church.

For those 9 weeks, services are particulalry child and family friendly (10.30-11.45am) and at the end of the teaching series we admit children who are baptised and in Year 3, and above, to Communion. 

Children younger than Year 3, are of course still very welcome to join us in these services and there are activities for them to do. To be admitted to Communion, children need to have attended the majority of the services so they get a good understanding about what receiving Communion means. We’ll provide them with a scrapbook for the activities that accompany this course.

The outline of the course is this:

  • Belonging to God’s family
  • Saying sorry & forgiveness
  • What we are doing when we sing songs in church?
  • Prayer
  • Sharing the peace
  • What is communion?
  • How and why we serve God?
  • Telling others about our faith
  • Young people will be Admitted to Communion during the service

The church leadership are excited about this adventure, as we believe it will be a time of growth for both children and adults.

Please let us know if you may be interested in joiniing us on this  journey and we will let you know when the next series of special services begins.

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